We have been successfully preparing bills of costs since 1990. Our aim is simple - to recover as much for you as possible and to do so with the minimum of delay.

No bill is too large or too small. We work in the County Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and Court of Protection.

If you just want a bill drawn we'll do that for you. We'll charge the rate the Court should allow on assessment whether that be grade D, grade C or somewhere in between. You can handle the negotiations yourselves.

If you prefer we will also negotiate on the bill for you. We provide a written Advice then deal with the paying party settling on the best possible terms within the scope and timescale that you authorise. We add our costs for this service to the sum sought from the other side.

If settlement cannot be reached we will appear for you at the assessment hearing. Ian Foster has been appearing as an advocate with great success since the 1980s. That name alone is often sufficient to prompt a last minute settlement!

Even if you have handled the negotiations yourselves but no agreement has been reached we can attend the assessment hearing in support of any bill that we have drawn.

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