We believe these are the factors that should dictate your choice of Cost Draftsman and Costs Consultant. That is why we always try that little bit harder to offer you the best service available.

No trainees, no junior fee earners. Whether it be a bill or Points of Dispute, negotiations or advocacy your work will always be undertaken by an experienced lawyer with an extensive background in private practice who has been practising solely in costs for at least fifteen years.

Your instructions will be attended to within a maximum of 14 days and usually less. This doesn't mean we will send you an acknowledgment then deal with it later. If you want a bill prepared we will prepare it - within 14 days.

You need a draftsman who is there for you and will fulfill their promises. You never see this firm advertise for work in the Gazette or elsewhere. Our clients have kept coming back since 1990 because we do what we say we will and do so to the highest standard.

Cashflow is always a problem - particularly in these chastened times. We charge the rates that the Courts will allow on assessment and, if you delegate the conduct of the assessment to us, we won't bill you until it is concluded.

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